Top 10 Things To Buy In GTA 5 Online: Weapons, Cars And Possessions

Players can immerse themselves in daring adventures and intriguing underground crimes in the expansive virtual environment that GTA 5 Online offers. To control the streets and lead a life of luxury, it is necessary to amass the appropriate weapons, vehicles, and things. We’ll walk you through the first 10 goods you should purchase in GTA 5 Online in this article to improve your gaming experience. However, it’s important to keep in mind that getting GTA 5 Money┬ácan be necessary to buy these priceless products.

High-end Apartment

Investing in a high-end apartment is crucial as it unlocks heist missions, one of the most lucrative activities in GTA 5 Online. Choose an apartment with a planning room, coordinate the heist with your team and maximize your income.


Armored Chariots

Armored vehicles are highly recommended vehicles due to their superior durability and bullet resistance. It provides protection from enemy fire while performing missions and looting, providing a significant advantage.


Condor Attack Helicopter

The Condor Attack Helicopter is a versatile and agile helicopter, perfect for navigating Los Santos. With its rocket launcher and minigun, it’s an indispensible companion on missions and quick getaways.


President’s Office and Vehicle Warehouse

Having a CEO’s office can perform lucrative CEO tasks and facilitate the purchase of a vehicle depot. The Vehicle Depot allows you to collect and sell high-end cars for a handsome profit.


Special Carbine

The Specialty Carbine is a dependable assault rifle with excellent accuracy and firepower. It has proven invaluable in shootouts, robberies, and other combat situations, providing an advantage against the enemy.



The Kuruma is an excellent choice for players who prefer a balance between speed and durability. It provides good defense against enemy fire and is ideal for missions and free-roaming activities.


Heavy Sniper

The Heavy Sniper is a powerful long-range weapon capable of taking out targets with precision and power. It becomes essential for looting, taking out enemies from a distance, and defending yourself in the heat of a shootout.


Del Pero Heights Apartments

The Del Perro Heights Apartment is conveniently located near the Arsenal and Los Santos Customs. It’s an excellent base for planning errands, storing valuable cars and getting essential services quickly.


Import and Export Vehicle Garage

Investing in an import/export car garage allows you to source, modify and sell high-end vehicles for a tidy profit. This is a lucrative business opportunity that can generate a considerable fortune in GTA 5 Online.



Bunkers offer a variety of benefits, including locations to plan heists, opportunities for passive income through weapon and vehicle crafting, and access to powerful weaponized vehicles.


Having the right weapons, vehicles, and assets will substantially improve your criminal empire in GTA 5 Online and give you an advantage over your rivals. You can achieve success by making investments in opulent residences, armored vehicles like the Kuruma and Buzzard Attack Chopper, potent weaponry like the Special Carbine and the Heavy Sniper, and fundamental assets like the CEO’s Office, vehicle depots, and bunkers.


Remember that purchasing these priceless products can necessitate the acquisition of GTA V Online Money. To make money and establish an empire, move around the streets of Los Santos and plunge headfirst into the fascinating criminal world of GTA 5 Online.

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