Destiny 2: 7 Acquired Faint Best Hero Activities

Glimmer is “Destiny 2”, a medium-sized store with one kind of value, which can be used by players to purchase various items, from weapons and armor to consumables and accessories. The maximum ground height Glimmer is important for progress during the game. In the text, the seven best hero incidents of the glimmer of light in our general search mission 2. However, before we do some in-depth research on this little activity, it’s a good idea to buy Destiny 2 Silver.


  1. Broken Throne:

Destroying the Throne is one of the challenging underground castles in “Destiny 2”, which provides a great opportunity for micro-light farming. The murdered enemy in this dungeon, the target of completion, is a large amount of faint light that stimulates the city.


  1. Increased level agreement:

On Mars, the increasing level of cooperation is one of public activities, and each level of urban change is challenging. After completing all seven tests, the player is not allowed to obtain powerful equipment, and can obtain a large amount of low light.


  1. Female shrine ceremony:

This public activity is a dream city, and it also provides a good source of light. One wave after another wave of enemies and a successful completion activity goal produced a large amount of light.


  1. Steeple assembly:

Placed in Nessus’s Spire Integration public activity demand player occupation and completion matching point. Successful completion of this activity meeting, Glimmer, is a good way to use it to complete the project.


  1. Related public activities:

Invited contact public activities occurred during the “arrival season” on the 1st, 6th, Mars and Mercury. Completing this activity meeting will encourage a large amount of Glimmer, and it will be an effective way to accumulate money.


  1. Mourning Shrine:

The tragic festival is a public activity released on the moon ball, demanding players to defeat another wave of opponents. Follow along with you in the waves, the small light encouragement increases, this is the ideal activity of the small light industry.


  1. Zoo:

Menagerie is based on Nessus, a six-person activity. After the completion of all kinds of strong encouragement, a large amount of low light will be provided after the completion of the zoo, which will be the first to acquire low light activities.


During “Destiny 2”, Glimmer is an important resource for the game. Passing through and participating in the seven best hero activities, the high-efficiency farming shimmering can be enjoyed by players. However, it is important to register, purchase Destiny 2 top up, or provide external advantages, unlock various decorations and convenient items, and experience a more powerful game. Therefore, ready-made weapons, convened firepower unit, starting this small activity, gathering Glimmer and conquest “Destiny 2” challenge.

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