FF16: The Best Thing After Finishing The Game

Players embark on a thrilling journey through a detailed and realistic environment in Final Fantasy XVI, which features compelling characters and dramatic battles. The primary story’s conclusion does not, however, mark the end of the quest. We’ll look at some of the best post-FF16 activities in this piece, revealing intriguing post-game stuff. We’ll also talk about how crucial Final Fantasy XVI Gil are to improving your gaming experience.

Complete side quests and optional content

After completing the main story, revisit towns and districts to discover new side quests, hidden treasures, and optional bosses. Interact with NPCs to unravel their stories and embark on exciting quests that expand the game’s story. Completing these side events will reward you with valuable items, rare gear, and unique experiences.


Challenging new game + mode

After finishing FF16, try starting New Game + Game. This mode allows you to inherit your character’s progression, including levels, abilities, and items, while facing increasing difficulty. Re-live the story with stronger characters and unlock hidden secrets that were missed during the original playthrough.


Participate in endgame raids and challenges

FF16 often introduces challenging raids and boss fights designed for endgames. Test your skills and teamwork in these high-level encounters that will offer epic rewards, exclusive gear, and the chance to demonstrate your mastery of the game’s mechanics. Team up with other players or join a guild to tackle these daunting challenges together.


Upgrade for extra jobs and abilities

“FF16” has a diverse job system that allows players to switch between different roles. After completing the main story, focus on leveling up the other jobs and unlocking their unique abilities. Experiment with different combinations to create a powerful character build that suits your playstyle and excels in various combat scenarios.


Explore new areas and dungeons

The world of FF16 is vast, and there may be areas and dungeons that are inaccessible during the main story. Return to previous areas or venture into unexplored territories to uncover hidden secrets, encounter powerful enemies, and earn rare loot. Unravel the game’s deepest mysteries and enjoy the thrill of exploration.


Take part in online PvP battles

FF16 may feature an online player versus player (PvP) mode where you can test your skills against other players. Engage in thrilling PvP battles, compete in ranked matches and level up to become a mighty warrior. Improve your combat abilities, develop effective strategies, and enjoy the competitive atmosphere of the game.


Customize and upgrade gear

After completing the main story, invest time in customizing and upgrading your gear. Collect rare materials, visit a blacksmith, and utilize the game’s crafting system to enhance the properties of your gear, unlock new abilities, and create powerful weapon and armor sets. Not only will this make your character more powerful, but it will also add a personal touch to their appearance.


The adventure in Final Fantasy XVI continues after the main story has concluded thanks to the game’s extensive post-game material. By completing side quests, taking on end-game tasks, leveling up for other jobs, and exploring new locales, players can uncover secret depths and rewards inside the game’s huge environment.


It’s important to discuss the FFXVI Gil as you embark on these brand-new adventures because it will improve your game experience. You can buy important items, equip upgrades, and other in-game resources by earning Gil. Make intelligent investments to increase the immersion and enjoyment of your FF16 experience. So gather your pals, show some bravery, and plunge into the splendor that Final Fantasy XVI’s post-game offers.

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