How to Reach the Underground Vault in Elden Ring

The Underground Vault is one of the most engaging and challenging areas of the Elden Ring games. This underground kingdom is full of hidden paths, secret treasures and dangerous enemies. If you are determined to explore this mysterious place, you need to know how to get there. In this article, we’ll tell you how to get to the Underground Game Reserve in Elden Ring. Players need to prepare enough Elden Ring Runes for Sale┬áin the game to reach the underground shelter.

How to Get to the Elden Ring’s Underground Vault

Although the location is not that far away, crossing Liondale can seem disorienting. These steps will help you easily reach the Elden Ring underground shelter:


To start this run, you’ll need to head to the Grace Avenue Balcony ruins in the royal capital of Leindel.

Run down the stairs northwest of Avenue Balcony, then head west. Now jump over the fence and descend down the burnt street filled with dead bodies.

Watch out for the Albinaurics that appear by your side. Make sure you run north and look for a well. Once you’ve spotted the well, jump down the stairs and you’ll find yourself in the sewers.

Now, don’t forget to turn on your lanterns, because it’s pretty dark in here.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find a metal door on the left. Go through it and jump down to continue down the sewers.

Soon you’ll find yourself in a room full of giant rats. If you have a repellent flashlight, you can simply use it or run to the rat through the front door. Soon, you’ll reach the Subterranean Shunning Grounds in the Elden Ring.

Continuing along the path, you’ll also find a rune arc. Keep going and you will come to the end of the path with the stairs on your left. Once you put your head down and turn forward to the left, you will arrive at the underground shelter, the Site of Grace.


One thing players need to be aware of is that omens are patrolling the area and they may attack you before you reach Grace Land. Just avoid them and get to the Land of Grace first. After a break, you can choose to fight the Omens and collect loot or explore the deeper sewers.


Reaching the subterranean sanctuary in the Elden Ring is a challenging task, but by following the steps above, you’ll be able to explore this fascinating subterranean kingdom and discover its hidden secrets. So, progress through the game, find hidden entrances, explore the grounds and get treasures. With these steps and the Cheap Elden Ring Runes, you can become a skilled and successful player in The Elden Ring.

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