How to Glide and Change Gliders in Genshin Impact

If you don’t know how to use Wind Gliders to glide, it will be challenging to move across Teyvat, the sizable open area in Genshin Impact. With the help of gliders, you may visit places that would be otherwise inaccessible and cover great distances fast and easily. You also need to become an expert glider if you want to collect a lot of flying objects or finish particular objectives. This guide will explain how to glide and switch gliders in Genshin Impact. To play, players must have a sufficient supply of Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals.

How to glide in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact makes sliding very simple. Without wind currents, you can glide between high and low in the air using your wings.


All you have to do is get up high. Press the leap button to spread your wings and soar through the air. In Genshin Impact, there are some characters with greater gliding abilities who use less stamina.


Due to Amber’s passive talent, Gliding Champion, her allies’ stamina requirements when gliding are reduced by 20%.

Amber’s Gliding Champion passive talent and Venti’s Windrider passive talent both have the same effect.

Kaedehara Kazuha can glide while replenishing 2 energy each second thanks to his Oozora Genpou skill.


In this game, you should make use of these characters to slide farther. Keep in mind that sliding in Genshin Impact depletes your endurance. Keep in mind that staying near to the ground will prevent injuries from falls when your stamina is low.


How to Glide Faster in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact also contains numerous Anemo rings lined up in a row in addition to the upward Anemo circles. You can glide more quickly while using fewer stamina by wearing these Anemo rings. Some of the gliding challenges in Mond and Liyue, which call for the player to fly and arrive at the finish line within a certain amount of time, have these wind rings.


You must adjust your wings to pass through the Anemo rings or touch the rings to accelerate your glide in order to glide quicker.


How to Change Gliders in Genshin Impact

There is only one way to obtain the Wind Glider in Genshin Impact, as obtaining it is necessary to advance the main story. All you have to do is play the opening part until you reach the city of Munstadt. When you’re done, your teammate Amber will give it to you, after which you can use it however you want by following a short tutorial on how to use it.


In that case, you can activate the wind glider by pressing the X button as you are descending. When you do this, your currently selected character gains access to the Wind Glider and is given the ability to fly until you click the button again or they touch the ground. This can assist you prevent serious injury from falls and enable you to travel over distances that you might find difficult to manage by jumping alone.


Players don’t need to know anything else about sliding and swapping out Wind Gliders in Genshin Impact. To help replace the glider, players must purchase enough Genshin Impact Top Up┬áin the game.

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